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Lumiworks Ultra High Power UV LED is a self-contained light-guide coupled light source including all the necessary driver electronics and thermal management. The illuminator contains a single-die large area ultra-high-power UV LED  filtered and coupled to a light-guide connector where the flexible optical liquid light-guide is connected. The LED light is emitted at the distal end of the light-guide or thin optical fiber.


  • Long Life, rated for over 60,000 hours of use

  • Intense Power 1200uW UV Intensity @17.5 inches. 5000uW at 8.5” *  

  • Internal filter reduces visible light to <1 FC at 5.5”

  • No bulb changes. Low ownership costs.

  • Instant On and Off. Extend life by turning off when not in use.

  • Rugged metal construction entirely sealed to protect from dust and metallic particles.

  • Rugged 3m Light Guide compatible with legacy lamp based

  • Available in ASTM E3022 and  Rolls Royce RRES 90061 versions

UHP-M-NDT Brochure
2-Branch UHP-M-NDT

Available Accessories:

  • Collimator

  • Fiber optic Attachment – reach inside of tight spaces or use with videoscope. Up to 4m

  • Removable dial. To calibrate Rolls Royce RRES 90061 compatible model.

  • Fiber Optics:

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