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FC-LED-NDT High-Power UV 365 nm fiber-coupled LED light sources are designed especially for NDT illumination with videoscopes, boroscopes as well as any other applications requiring high brightness fiber coupled filtered UV light source. The FC-LED-NDT housing is self-contained Fiber-Coupled-LED light source including all necessary driver electronics and thermal management, no special controller box is required to operate the module if used at factory preset power (max. power).



  • Single chip High Brightness UV LED light source

  • Filtered 365nm UV light to eliminate residual visible light

  • Optional Remote Controller for Power and ON/OFF control

  • Optional control form computer via USB or RS232

  • Remote control by I2C protocol for OEMs

  • Long life


Available Accessories:

  • Collimator

  • Optional Remote Controller for Power and ON/OFF control

  • Various fiber optics:

In fiber part number the XX is length of the fiber in decimeters.

For example: P40 is a 4 meter fiber, P15 is 150 cm fiber.

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