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Lumiwoks high current LED driver boards designed for ultra-high power LED illumination systems for scientific and industrial applications. The board features all required functions for LED current and strobe / pulse control as well as auxiliary functions such as fan control and safety features. Currently the high current driver boards developed for Lumiworks products are offered for OEM integrators.

High Current OEM LED Driver Board.jpg

Key Features

  • Support Luminus new (Gen 4) common cathode copper coreboard packages.

  • The board can be assembled in 4 versions depending on max. current: 8A, 14A, 19A and 27A

  • Max current can be fine-tuned by limiting trimmer

  • Optically-Isolated TTL input for fast switching

  • Optically-Isolated Analog input for power control by external DAC.

  • Standard input range 0-5V (Can be customized to 0-10V by removal of a single resistor

  • Fast Rise / Fall time ~10us.

  • Cooling Fan control circuit (by LED thermistor)

  • LED Protection circuits: LED over temp., Thermistor disconnected, Fan On at all cases.  

  • Optional LED current control by 12bit DAC via I2C

  • Optional LED power control by PWM via I2C (2nd DAC and LTC6992)

  • Optional Photosensor connection (I2C, 3.3V)

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