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High Power Fiber-Coupled LED

The UHP-FB-LED is a high-power fiber light source that is used for scientific and industrial applications. The product is optimal for use with fiber cores of 1mm and larger to harvest maximal output power. The product is available at many different wavelengths and White at several color temperatures. The UHP-FB-LED product line is available at many different wavelengths. If you don’t find the specific wavelength you need, please inquire about it. The UHP-F-LED series standard features are optically isolated TTL input and Analog input, rapid warm-up, and long lifetime. Power control is accomplished by a manual wired console and/or USB interface for computer control. Programing API is available upon request.


Key Features

  • Single chip Ultra High Brightness LED.

  • Optimal thermal dissipation.

  • All system components in a single enclosure.

  • Optically-Isolated TTL input for fast switching.

  • Optically-Isolated Analog input for power control by external DAC.

  • Optional wired remote control.

  • Optional USB Interface.

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