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Lumiworks High Power Portable-FC-NDT LED is the perfect solution for delivering UV light to hard-to-reach places. Designed for use with industrial videoscopes the Portable-FC-NDT uses the most intense UV LEDs available for intense UV light and can be used with a variety of fiber optics, as thin as 1mm OD and up to 4 meters long.



  • Long Life, rated for over 10,000 hours of use

  • No bulb changes ever. Low ownership costs.

  • Runs on DC adapter or two 9v batteries, either rechargeable or standard

  • Over 90 minutes run time with batteries

  • Instant on and off, no warm up or cool down time. Extend life by turning off when not in use.

  • Rugged construction


Available Accessories:

  • Collimator with filter

  • Thin and flexible polymer fiber optics:

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