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Solutions for Industry,

 NDT and Curing 


NDT Related Products

Lumiworks products for Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT) are focused on specialized fiber coupled LED light sources. LED fiber coupled products enabling dye penetrant inspection (penetrant testing) in internal surface of the objects by using industrial endoscope / videoscope or boroscope. Lightguide coupled LED light sources enabling inspection of metal casting parts.

365nm UV NDT Light
Source with Liquid Light Guide 

Lumiworks Ultra High Power UV LED is a self-contained light-guide coupled light source including all the necessary driver electronics and thermal management.



Fiber Coupled 365nm UV NDT Light Source with Thin Polymer Fiber

Lumiworks Fiber Coupled High Power Filtered UV LED is a self-contained light source including all the necessary electronics and thermal management.



Portable Fiber Coupled UV NDT Light Source with Thin Polymer Fiber

The portable, battery operated fiber-coupled high power UV LED light source designed for field application NDT inspection by Borescope.


UV Curing Light Sources

Lumiworks products for UV curing provide convenient tool for manual spot curing. Lumiworks offers product customization to variety of production environments and applications including specialized software support. The products available in wide range of custom wavelengths at UV, Violet or Visible.

UV Curing Light Source

The Cure-LED curing system is a simple user-friendly system for flood curing UV adhesives, coatings and inks. The LED head features the most advanced UV LED technology. Read more...

High-Current LED Driver Boards

Lumiwoks high current LED driver boards designed for ultra-high power LED illumination systems for scientific and industrial applications. The board features all required functions for LED current and strobe / pulse control as well as auxiliary functions such as fan control and safety features. Currently the high current driver boards developed for Lumiworks products are offered for OEM integrators.

High Current OEM LED Driver Board.jpg

Most Lumiworks products are based on high current Luminus Devices LEDs such as CBT-90  and many others. Currently, Lumiworks offers the high current driver boards for OEM integrators.




Lumiworks-Photonics Ltd. specializes in ultra high-power LED illumination systems for various industrial applications. Our systems incorporate the latest technology in packages that offer maximum versatility in light delivery and light sensing. We have a full range of products, including high-power fiber-coupled LEDs and UV LEDs.

Lumiworks experts work to understand each customer’s needs and then offer cost effective off-the-shelf or customized solutions based on our standard modular products. 


Assaf Deutsch, PhD

Assaf Deutsch is a co-founder of Lumiworks and holds degrees in physics, biomedical engineering, and mechanical engineering. He has more than 18 years of experience in engineering, optomechanics, optical fibers, and fiber-optic product development. Dr. Deutsch has contributed to the development of several fiber-optic medical diagnostic devices as well as devices that use microfluidics and micro electro-optical mechanical systems (MEOMS).

Eliahu Pewzner, PhD

Eliahu Pewzner is a co-founder of Lumiworks and holds degrees in applied physics. He has more than 20 years of experience in biomedical spectroscopy, electro-optics, software, entrepreneurship, and medical device development. Dr. Pewzner has led several multidisciplinary R&D teams in projects that include a novel optical fiber based multi-parameter monitoring device for intensive care units and a live cell imaging system based on fluorescence microscopy.



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